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Aioli Sauce Cilantro Lime

Aioli Sauce Cilantro Lime


Our Cilantro Garlic Aioli Sauce is great on burgers tacos burritos salads fish and other food items where you want to add some zest to your meal

Aïoli is a form of garlic mayonnaise which originates from Provence.
What exactly is aioli?
Made from oil, garlic, and egg, aioli is an emulsion that binds the fattiness of oil with the thick compounds of an egg yolk. The use of extra-virgin olive oil differentiates it from its counterpart (mayo), resulting in a much richer, more defined taste.

Great on Burritos
Sweet Potato Fries
Roasted Vegetable
Uses of aïoli:
with croquetas de jamón (Spanish croquettes)
with seafood.
with crab fishcakes.
a dollop in fish soup.
with olives.
with plain boiled Jersey Royal potatoes.
with chips or wonderful wedge lemon roasted potatoes.
dip in halved, roasted Brussels spouts.
Wraps Sandwiches and more

Great all purpose sauce used for dipping as an ingredient in making any type of burgers sweet potato fries steak sauce tacos burrito fajita wraps sandwiches and so on

product is used for vegetarian  diets keto diets and more

Ingredient Listing: free run chicken eggs extra virgin olive oils organic  Modena balsamic vinegar honey sea salt cilantro flakes lemon juice roasted garlic herbs and spices