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Cajun Rib Rub
Cajun Rib Rub

Cajun Rib Rub

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Cajun cuisine, is a style of cooking named for the French-speaking Acadian people deported by the British from Acadia in Canada, incorporating West African, French and Spanish cooking techniques, in region of Louisiana.

Our Cajun Rib Rub  captures the Cajun flavors and taste of  the deep south of Louisiana

Rub the ribs with your favorite oil or mustard Then lightly coat the ribs with the rub If you want you can wrap the seasoned ribs with a plastic wrap and leave at room temp for about 30 minutes This will allow the seasoning to infuse onto the ribs and also bring them to room temperature for an even cook

If you can slow cook the ribs for a longer period of time to make the meat fall off the bone

great in oven crock pot smoker and BBQ grill

Non GMO Ingredients : Smoked Paprika Chili Powder Cane Sugar Garlic Onions Oregano Thyme Mustard Seed Celery Seed Black Peppercorns Herbs and Spices