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Mission Statment

Our Mission Statement has been the same since we started our business venture

Since 1992 our mission has been and continues to be to produce sustainable foods for customers and support local sustainable farming .

Organic NON GMO and All Natural ingredients are our core ingredients

All our products are still made by hand by our skilled employees 

Our Seasoning Mixes are made daily to ensure maximum shelf life of the product customers are buying This ensures freshness and pungent flavors when our customers prepare there recipes Because our mixes are made daily and very pungent you do not have to use a large amount of seasoning to flavor your foods this increases the usage life of the seasoning mix

Our Aioli Sauces are the best on the market

We have perfected them over time from when we introduced them 10 years ago Our current customers keep repeating their orders and increasing them as we introduce new flavor profiles to keep ahead of new trend in food tastes from around the Globe

No Matter what product you purchase from Organic Chef Foods you can be assured you are purchasing the best on the market place